Dedicated to the Aputure Spotlight Mount system, this 26° Lens allows you to produce a controlled 26° beam of light with clean edges and faithful color rendering. The lens's design helps to limit chromatic aberrations around the edge of the illumination circle, and keeps fringing levels at 1mm from a distance of 1.6'. When used with a Light Storm LC 120d II, light output up to 10x brighter is possible, and the lens housing design permits quick installation and removal from the Spotlight Mount.


Note: Aputure Spotlight Mount is required for this attachment to work. 


How to choose spotlight mount angel?


About 19° Spotlight Mount

Perfect for anyone who needs max. Light output and wants accurate control of light beam;
Suitable for large setup when you need the Light beam to be strong;
19° Spotlight Mount has twice the light output of 36° and 20% more than 26°;
It’s beam diameter is approx. 1/2 of 36° Spotlight Mount.


About 26° Spotlight Mount

If both light output and beam diameter is important to you, this maybe the perfect solution;
It has approx. 20% less output than 19° Spotlight Mount;
Beam diameter approx. 65% of 36° Spotlight Mount;
More versatile comparing to other 2 options design suitable for more kinds of setups.


About 36° Spotlight Mount

Perfect for restricted setup where wide beam of light is required;
@3m distance, it has a beam diameter of 180cm which is twice as wide as 19° Spotlight Mount;
36° Spotlight Mount has the least light output among the three options.

Aputure Spotlight Mount 26° Lens