Falconeye RX-18TD with RX-18SBHC Honeycomb Grid Softbox Bundle


Extension Cable and Remote Controller are optional, please check out our store for accosseries link


Falconeyes LED Roll-Flex Lightmat are handy, lightweight and easy to carry making them must-have equipment for studio or outdoor use.

The Roll-Flex panel can be set up either with an X-Type bracket for easy mounting on light stands, or use the fastener strips to attach the panel to any fabric surface, even tessellate panels to make a single tiled light source!





  :45 x 60cm



No. of LED (SMD)


Operating Voltage

  :DC-15V 7A (compatible with V-mount battery)/ AC adaptor (included)

Color Temperature

  :3000K - 5600K (step-less) 


  :0-100% Step-less dimming

Beam Angle





  :9920 (0.5m) / 3660 (1m) / 933 (m)


The Roll-Flex LED Panel is available in several different sizes and power levels to suit the needs of any production;
30 x 45cm (RX-12T / RX-12TD)
45 x 60cm (RX-18T / RX-18TD / RX-818)
62 x 62cm (RX-24TDX)

121 x 45cm (RX-36TDX)

121 x 60cm (RX-48TDX)

RX-12TD (30 x 45cm) / 50W / Bi-color
RX-18TD (45 x 60cm) / 100W / Bi-color

RX-818 (45 x 60cm) / 100W / RGBW
RX-24TDX (62 x 62cm) / 150W / Bi-color / DMX

RX-36TDX (121 x 45cm) / 240W / Bi-color / DMX

RX-48TDX (121 x 60cm) / 300W / Bi-color / DMX

Falcone Eyes RX-18TD with Honeycomb Grid Softbox Bundle

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